Namaste! I'm Priyank Agarwal
Priyank clinking a pint with his friends
I’m a tap dancer.

Just Kidding! I’m a UX Designer at Medlife and a recent graduate from Department of Design, IIT Guwahati.

I love learning new stuff. That’s right! Hit me up with a random topic and there’s a good chance I’ll be interested in discussing it with you. But most of all, it’s the human behaviour which intrigues me. And understanding that is where I spend most of time. I also adore development, and you can find me playing around with React.js now and then.

I enjoy two very generic things. Pizza 🍕and Beer 🍺. Top that up with some good books 📚, and you’d have just made my day. I also appreaciate people who love their crafts and are fully immersed in them. Again, human behaviour, you see.

If you’d like to play CS:GO with me, ping me on Steam and if you have some really good side projects in mind, I’d love to talk about them. Peace!